16 tracks on 2" analog tape Prosdocimi Recording

Dear musicians, artists, producers!

We have always delivered your best professional recording studio experience! And from today, we are confident and proud to be able to tell you that the experience is even more shocking!

We have indeed equipped our OTARI MTR90 MKII with a 16-tracks on 2 “(inches) headstack.

If the 24 / 2″ format remains a very high standard, not equaled by digital competition, from today, with 16 tracks on 2 inches, the sound reaches even higher quality levels. A real delight for your hearing, your music, your wellness.

Here at Prosdocimi Recording you can record gorgeous sounds while taking advantage of the comfortable artist’s accommodation and, at the end of the session, export the individual audio tracks in sync from tape to digital media, bringing with you the unbelievable audio to be edited and mixed in your private studio or other professional studios you like.

All of this with no additional costs compared to those on the price page.

Prosdocimi Recording