Recording and Mixing

Designed for both bands and solo artists in the need of recording Albums, Singles, EPs. We can also provide the right musician(s) to lead artists or singers coming to the studio looking for collaborations.

We higly recommend to our clients our first choise of mastering services provided by our partners in the U.S.A.

Recording on Analog Tape then Export on Digital Media

Designed for artists in the need of both the glorious Analog Sound and the flexibility of digital technology to use more than a recording studio.

We record on high quality Analog Tape the instruments you need, we convert all recorded audio at desired resolution, (max @ 192/96), we store it in Hard Disk or other digital media in original and safety copy.

In case we have to provide digital supports their cost will be added to the session price you can actually find at prices page.

Audio Restoration

Transfer and Restoration of old phonograph records, tapes, DAT to Digital Media. We will bring your old recording to a new life.

Mix Online

Experienced sound engineers will take care of your music giving you the sound of professional mixes.
We kindly ask you to send us in advance excerpts of your work to be sure the quality maches our standards. We don’t want you to spend your money if the sound isn’t good enough.
During the mix we will ask your feedback in order to match your desires.
Mixing Rates: Single € 150,00 – Album (more than 12 songs) € 1.200,00 (add € 60,00 for every song exceeding the number of 12)