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Aside personalized custom offers we are pleased to offer our specials created by record producer Mike 3rd.

  • SINGLE  470,00 € – Include hi-fi recording and mixing of one or two singles in two days of studio work.
  • EP 990,00 € - Include hi-fi recording and mixing of up to 5 songs in four days of studio work.
  • WEEK 1.500,00 € - Include hi-fi recording and mixing of an album of up to 8/9 songs in one week of studio work.
  • S.T.W. 3.000,00 € – This is a Super Two Weeks pack (14 days) for the hi-fi recording and mixing of an album the way quite big productions use to be.
  • DEMO 350,00 €. – Include recording, mixing, mastering of 4/5 songs in a weekend.

Important NoteMastering price is not included in the hi-fi offers. To maintain the highest professional standards, we work with highly specialized mastering engineers in Los Angeles, USA. Mastering prices start at 75,00 USD/song.
Access to the studio: Usually a day equals 10 hours of studio time.


Our residence for artists, (you can check it out here), can be booked at the price of 10 €uro/day. Please consider an extra charge for dinners. (not for lunches). We will be happy to explain in detail all available options via email.


  • Studio rate per hour with assistant: 35,00 €uro + 30,00 €uro (fixed starting rate).
  • Studio daily rate with assistant: 270,00 €uro

Some classic albums were made in only a couple of days, others over several years. We will be happy to discuss your project with you to help you find the best plan for your budget and style of music.


Prosdocimi Recording Studio
Carmignano di Brenta – Padova – Italy

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