Control Room “Ariel
Dedicated to Italian Poet “Gabriele D’Annunzio” also known as “Ariel“, the room and the entire studio is an hommage to the Analog Technology in a timeless design, homage at the same time, to the Art Déco.
Unique design, hand made details, original furniture and the reproduction of wonderful paintings made by painter A. De Carolis
Live Room “Mario de Maria”
Live room dedicated to Italian Painter “Mario de Maria”. (Il Pittore delle Lune) The room recreates a unique old wine cellar with more than 400 bottles of Italian Wine. In the picture a hand made in Italy stave drumset by Stocco Drums.
Live Room “Beniamino Gigli”
Live room dedicated to Italian Tenor Beniamino Gigli. High ceiling in wood and bricks, custom sound treatment, decorations made by painter Concetta Prosdocimi titled “Four Seasons of Creation”.
BBQ Area
Outside the studio, in the garden, an area to do BBQ for musicians and staff or to spend some nice moments in relax.